How To Help Rochester

Rochester, Vic, is a treasure tucked away in the heart of Australia. This quaint city, located just 190km north-west of Melbourne, is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its rich history, beautiful parks, and warm hospitality, Rochester is a […]

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Travel Guide: Shark Bay, WA

To be considered for listing as a World Heritage site, a region or property must meet at least one of four criteria of ‘universal value’. Shark Bay, sprawling over 23,000 square kilometres, with both land and marine features of great significance, meets all four criteria. […]

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Travel Guide: Eastern Tasmania

While the mainland of Australia has enough highlights to keep any RVer happy for several years of continuous travel, you should not overlook Tasmania. Assuming that one would travel with their camping rig, it makes sense to stay a while, given the cost of getting […]

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Broome Vs Kununurra!

Planning a trip to the Kimberley but unsure whether Broome or Kununurra is more suited to your travel style? We compare these two popular tourist towns to work out which one you should add to your next north-west Australia road trip itinerary. BEST TIME OF […]

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Kurth Kiln Camping Area

East of Melbourne, not too far, is a beautiful free camp. It’s peaceful, nestled within the natural environment, and comes with a dash of history. This free camp? Kurth Kiln. CAMPING AT KURTH KILN Kurth Kiln Regional Park is about 65km east of Melbourne, near […]

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Ningaloo Coast Campground

“Oh yeah, that’s known as the worst road in Australia!” Not exactly what you want to hear when you’re about to tow a 21ft caravan down a particular road but, unfortunately for us, this is what we consistently heard from locals and fellow travellers regarding […]

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