Want to Get into Car Camping? Consider These Rigs

There is no “best” way to camp. The best way is whatever way gets you engaged in the outdoors. That said, it’s hard to argue with car camping, which offers something of a middle ground between a minimalist backpacking expedition and a full-on glamping experience. Bringing a car into the fold not only allows you to bring more gear—mountain bikes and cooking equipment, for instance—but gives you additional sleeping accommodations, as well.

Just as there is no One True Way to camp, there is no best car for camping, either. Everyone’s needs, circumstances, and interests range. Our recommendation for single car-owning city dwellers is going to be different from what we’d advise camping enthusiasts with a range of vehicles at their disposal take off in. Similarly, the overlanding enthusiasts are going to want something different than the families that do a camping trip once a year.

Still, we’d like to think we have some good ideas about what constitutes a good camping car: something that is dependable, adept at crawling over rocks and through mud, and, if we’re honest, has just a hint of steez to it. You’ll find that in all of the vehicles on this list of the best cars for camping, which range from cheap used church vans to elaborate, tech-filled trucks.

The 10 Best Cars for Camping

Source: https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/best-cars-for-camping