The 20 Best Design-Oriented Airbnb Cabins in Iceland

Iceland is a destination as alluring as they come. The natural beauty is spectacular. The architecture is inspiring. And the locals? Well, their hospitality is known to be warm even on the coldest days, leaving not much more to be desired from the Land of Fire and Ice.

Which explains why we here at FM HQ have a slight obsession with the place. From #vanlifing to surfing, camping to glamping, experimental landscape photography to disconnecting under the Northern Lights, nearly any adventure you can imagine is possible in Iceland. (It doesn’t hurt it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo here, either.)

Iceland is where you come to experience nature in its purest form. Where national parks are at your doorstep, fjords are your friends, the Ring Road is your guide, and waterfalls and hot springs become the background music to your grand adventure.

To explore it all there’s plenty of options to call basecamp, including sprawling hotels and affordable hostels, but it’s also where Airbnb cabins seamlessly blend into the landscape as if they were meant to be there all along. And despite the platform rolling out stricter regulations for hosts, it continues to be a popular service to use througout the island, offering up a variety of stays, which we’ve sorted through to find the best.

Whether this frozen island is calling to you for a big, bucket list adventure or a slow, quiet escape, we’ve hand-picked our 20 favorite Iceland Airbnbs and cabins for just that. And so much more.

Field Mag’s 20 Best Cabins in Iceland

The 20 Best Airbnbs in Iceland