Photographer Matt Steindl Talks Art, Zines Documenting Rural PA

Nestled in a tiny pocket of southeastern Pennsylvania is Kennett Square: the Mushroom Capital of the World. Beyond its quaint main street lies a small group of talented creators drawing inspiration from its rural surroundings. Within this group is photographer and Field Mag contributor Matt Steindl, known widely for his outdoor photography, which is the subject of his new photo zine, “Worn Path Volume One.”

I first met Matt when we were little skate rats. He was always behind a lens, and it was clear that he was gifted with capturing his surroundings. Over the last two decades he’s refined his skills tenfold, and I can confidently say that he’s truly a student of the craft; soaking in every lesson that those who came before him have shared with the world. Of those lessons, nothing has inspired Matt to embrace his everyday surroundings quite like the work of the Wyeth’s, Chester County’s most celebrated artistic family lineage.

The Wyeth’s–which include N.C., Andrew, and Jamie–are regarded as some of America’s most prominent painters. Their work, including Andrew’s “Christina’s World” (Location: The Museum of Modern Art, New York), and Jamie’s JFK portrait (Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), are stand out pieces from the Wyeth family. However, it’s their still-famous, yet lesser-known paintings of normal moments through nature and life in Pennsylvania that have influenced the eye of many–including Matt.