The 14 Best Running Sunglasses for Every Type of Runner

Running sunglasses might feel like an afterthought, but they’re more than a stylish accessory. Just like your skin, your eyes need protection when you’re spending extended periods in the sun. High-quality sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light protection (which can damage the inner structures of the eye) and dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris.

So what makes a pair of sunglasses good? For starters, any pair you wear should have lens technology that blocks 100 percent of UV light, including UVA light, which can age your skin, and UVB light, which can burn your skin. Polarization—a lens coating that blocks glare—is less important but can help with visibility, especially around snow or water.

Most important, though, is comfort: You want shades that don’t bounce; don’t put any pressure on your nose bridge, temples, or behind your eyes; and don’t fog up or get blurry with any kind of moisture.

Sunglass tech has come a long way, and the kind of features that used to be reserved for top-of-the-line performance eyewear can now be found in styles that work for any budget. The following 13 pairs represent our top picks for the best running sunglasses out now. So scroll on, click through, and protect your eyes and add some personality to your running kit.

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The 13 Best Running Sunglasses for Style & Performance