DCX by OzXCorp to Electrify US

The DCX caravan battery system is set to be adopted by the North American RV industry, following a successful launch of the product in the US market in early October.

Designed and engineered by OzXCorp, DCX is a game-changing lithium battery system available in two capacities in Australia: 7.1kWh and 14.3kWh. The system is set to revolutionise how we power our appliances when travelling off-grid here.

The OzXCorp DCX display at the RV conference.

OzXCorp launched DCX at an RV dealer’s conference, known colloquially as the ‘Superbowl’ of RV expos, where deals are won and lost for placement of products in RV in 2023.

OzXCorp has partnered with Dave Cater and Associates to be its sole distributor of trailer electrification technology in North America.

OzXCorp technical co-founder and CEO said the engagement from the US’s RV Industry Association was particularly encouraging.

In Australia, DCX is available in 71.kWh and 14.kWh capacities.

“The reception from the RV OEMs was hugely successful, with deep engagement by executives, manufacturers and technical persons. We will see OzXcorp product in 2023 adopted by major brands,” Mr Huett told GoRV.

In North America, DCX will consist of an inclusive chassis-mounted 14 or 7kWh automotive-grade lithium battery, 6kW 120V AC inverter, and 4kW solar charger with a 13.1VDC, 100A nominal RV supply. 

Andrew Huett (left) talks DCX at the conference in the US.

“Importantly, the solution is designed to consolidate all typical requirements into a fully engineered, well-tuned and compact automotive-type platform,” Mr Huett said.

DCX will only be available to OEMs for new builds.

“OzXcorp and Dave Cater have a team to work closely with OEMs to help them transition to an all-electric platform or model variant.”

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