GoRV Issue #84 Out Now!


Starlink 12V Conversion, Touring Advice and More!

So you have Starlink for your caravan. Great! But running it on 240V is difficult when you’re on the road. Here’s how to convert it to 12V and, in the process, achieve a fast, reliable, power-saving internet connection that will work virtually anywhere in the country. This issue is also packed with hints and tips for better caravanning, an awesome outback destination, and so much more! It’s one of our biggest yet!

Electric Dreams

By Max Taylor

What do you think of the ‘gas-less’ caravan revolution that appears to be underway in Australia Nowadays, it seems that every second or third caravan that you check out has had the gas system omitted in favour of an increase in lithium and solar power. Is this a good thing? Or are we putting too many eggs into the one energy ‘basket’?

Personally, I think it’s a good thing. Don’t we all want to be energy-independent? Gas has, for decades, been a kind of safety blanket for our RVs. We’ve known that should our battery give up the ghost, we have always had those gas cylinders on the drawbar to power our absorption fridges and cook our food.

But as our ability to store and convert DC power has improved, our reliance on fossil fuels has naturally decreased, even when caravanning. The market is rising to the occasion, too, with the likes of Thetford and others now offering electric induction cooktops. Some caravan manufacturers (Kokoda comes to mind) are now forgoing permanent cooktops entirely, and instead providing portable induction hotplates that can be simply plugged in when needed.
Yes, a revolution is brewing. It’s time to jump on board.

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