Millennial Couple Earns $93K While Traveling America in an RV

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is part of CNBC “Make It’s Millennial Money” series, which details how people around the world earn, spend and save their money. Read the full story here.

For a long time, Amber and Jaylyn Bush frequently moved to wherever Jaylyn, a Marine, was stationed. But after about eight years, they were ready for a change.

“We didn’t know how long we would be living in base housing and in homes that would never be ours,” Amber, 30, tells CNBC Make It. “I wanted to have something that was ours that we’d be able to take with us no matter where he got stationed.”

Having grown up in a military family, Amber was used to living a nomadic lifestyle. She saw getting an RV as a way to be able to own their home while having the freedom to easily relocate to whichever Marine base Jaylyn was assigned to.

“It was always a dream of hers,” says Jaylyn, 28. “Living simpler and living a more minimal life and getting rid of the things that we didn’t really need.”

But initially, Jaylyn wasn’t convinced. The point that sold him: How much money they could save.

“Instead of $2,600 a month going into a home that we would never own, that $2,600 a month instead went towards a truck payment, RV payment, our RV site spot where we stayed, and then the rest would go to saving,” Amber says.