6 Inspiring RV Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Considering an RV kitchen remodel? RV kitchens closely integrate with other living spaces, or are the centerpiece of an RV. An attractive and functional RV kitchen will upgrade the entire space.

This article shares RV kitchen sink, cabinet, storage solutions, and backsplash ideas from 6 DIY RV kitchens. Steal these RV kitchen ideas for your renovation.

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Originally featured in the September/October 2022 issue of Rootless Living magazine

This RV kitchen remodel was inspired by Jac’s memories of growing up in the Canaries. A coordinating granite sink and RV kitchen backsplash created a neutral palette. Antique brass fixtures, raw timber, and rustic flooring give the space a simple, relaxed look.

For the practical aspects of the kitchen, Jac carefully planned the layout of the upper cabinets, electric hob, sink, refrigerator, and a large benchtop counter.

Jac’s (@seasons_with_olive) kitchen was inspired by the Canaries

Originally featured in the May/June 2020 issue of Rootless Living magazine

Bradley & Irene Lincoln (@thelincolntribe) completely rebuilt their RV kitchen to create this compact yet inviting space.

They removed the cabinets and counters to open the area. Next, Brad designed and built custom birch plywood RV kitchen cabinets with deep drawers and marble laminate countertops. Building the microwave and toaster oven into the wall freed up counter space.

Irene added open shelving featuring items that resonated with their family. The combination of warm wood and calming green tones finishes the fresh look.

The Lincolns’ RV kitchen remodel is a great example of functional RV kitchen storage solutions within a compact footprint. Like their style? Check out their RV bathroom renovation.

Bradley & Irene Lincoln of @thelincolntribe@thelincolntribe added open shelving to create an inviting space.
Bradley & Irene Lincoln of @thelincolntribe added open shelving to create an inviting space

Originally featured in the September/October  2020 issue of Rootless Living magazine

For a kitchen this small, Beth and Eric had to get creative to create RV kitchen storage solutions. They shared, “In lieu of the original full-sized oven, we opted for a three burner stove top which provided much-needed storage for kitchen items.”

They could utilize the existing plumbing new water storage tank, pump, and RV kitchen sink. An installation error was fortuitous: “We installed the kitchen faucet backward by mistake. The handles turn outwards instead of inwards, but it actually works out better and gives us a little more space in the sink.”

@vintageglampers Beth and Eric made the most out of their small kitchen space

Originally featured in the January/February 2021 issue of Rootless Living magazine

The highlight of the Herndon’s RV kitchen remodel was their custom countertop. Kenzie explains how they completed the project on a budget: “For under $75, and some tedious work, Jesse designed and built a faux butcher block countertop using birch plywood and multiple color stains to give a butcher block pattern.”

The new countertop allowed the family to install a deep under-mount RV kitchen sink, a two-burner induction stove top, and a convection oven.

Finally, they contrasted the countertop with dark green cabinets and a clean subway tile RV kitchen backsplash. The result: a beautiful RV kitchen remodel with lots of counter space.

@Homestead.on.wheels' RV kitchen remodel included a custom countertop built on a budget
@Homestead.on.wheels’ RV kitchen remodel included a custom countertop built on a budget

Originally featured in the September/October 2020 issue of Rootless Living magazine

The editors of Rootless Living magazine wanted to make their spacious RV kitchen a showstopper. They made several upgrades to achieve the look, such as replacing the RV cabinet fixtures, installing new light fixtures, and replacing the kitchen sink.

The counter top was one of the biggest projects. “Nikki also resurfaced all the countertops from a light brown to a white marble look that she hand-painted,” said Demian. “I was probably most worried about this, but Nikki did an awesome job.”

They brought in a handyman to assist with plumbing. They could have also used electrical expertise, as they initially wired the light fixtures incorrectly with the wrong bulbs. Oops!

Despite the missteps, these changes completely transformed their fifth-wheel RV kitchen.

The editors of @rootlessliving remodeled their RV kitchen from generic to one of a kind

Originally featured in the July/August 2020 issue of Rootless Living magazine

A little paint made all the difference in this RV kitchen remodel. “We decided to coat all of the raw wood with Kilz primer to help seal out moisture and prevent mold growth,” shared Lauren and Ben.

The couple upcycled cedar shingles and fence posts to build new valances.

Other practical upgrades included new laminate flooring and a 12-volt DC compressor refrigerator. Green and blue pastels were the finishing touches for this tiny cooking space.

Paint brightened up Lauren Arnold and Ben Cabutage’s RV kitchen

Originally featured in the September/October 2022 issue of Rootless Living magazine

When this YouTuber family decided to renovate their RV kitchen, they tackled the project in three phases.

In the first phase, they refreshed the walls with crisp, white paint, replaced the light fixtures, and added a showstopper custom wood accent to the kitchen island.

The Mosses were very mindful of weight. “We did add some weight with the wood, but we removed more weight than we added to keep it safe,” said Marissa.

They tackled the RV kitchen cabinets in phase two by removing some to create open shelving, and painting the rest cool sage green. Under-shelf wire baskets were a creative RV kitchen storage solution for fresh produce.

The family has plans to finish the RV kitchen remodel with an upcoming phase three.

Marissa Moss and her family (@lessjunkmorejourney) renovated their RV kitchen with custom wood and shelving

RV Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Have these ideas inspired you to start your own RV kitchen remodel project? An RV kitchen can be as beautiful and functional as a residential one. A few upgrades or complete renovations can transform the way you live or stay in your RV.

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