The Best Way To Cook Corn On The Cob Over The Campfire

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How To Cook Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

Who doesn’t love some good corn on the cob? This tasty treat is super easy to make, plus it’s warm, crisp, and bursting with flavor. There are several ways to get the job done, but we’re here to teach you the best way to cook corn on the cob when you’re working with a campfire.

Everyone has different tastes, and some prefer certain cooking methods over others. Even if your supplies are limited, you can cook a delicious meal over the campfire and chow down on some delicious corn. 

Below we have some of the best ways to cook corn on the cob, plus a few topping ideas to spice up your next dish. So get the fire started, shuck the corn, and get ready to make a delicious meal that everyone will love!

Corn roasted in tin foil

One of the best ways to cook corn on the cob is the classic tin foil approach. This works for all kinds of camping dinners, so keep a roll of this stuff on hand. Tin foil ensures that the corn stays moist and protects it from the ashes. This approach is low effort, plus you don’t have to worry about the corn burning if you leave it for awhile. 

To begin, shuck as much corn as you need for your group. If you want smaller portion sizes, snap the cobs in half before wrapping them. Wash the cobs in cold water to remove as much of the silk as possible, then pat them dry.

If you want to add some seasonings while it cooks, do it before wrapping the corn. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the cobs, then add 2 tablespoons of butter per cob. Slice the butter up into smaller pieces and spread them over the entire piece of corn. 

Now you just need to wrap it in tin foil! Tightly seal up the ends so that the butter doesn’t leak out. Nestle the wrapped corn in the coals for about 8 minutes. If you want a more even cook, rotate the corn halfway through. 

Now you can unwrap it and enjoy a delicious treat!

Boiled corn

Boiled corn is my go-to way to cook corn on the cob, but it takes a little longer than the method described above. This is because you need to boil an entire pot of water. It’s still relatively quick, though, and you don’t need to deal with the messy business of ashes and coals. 

To begin, fill a metal pot about 1/2 full of water and place it over an active campfire. If you have a grill extension for the fire pit, this is a great place to put the pot. Add a dash of salt to the water if you want to season the corn while it boils. While the water heats up, shuck and rinse your corn. 

Now just toss the cobs into the hot water, cover the pot, and wait for a few minutes. The time varies depending on the heat of your fire, but somewhere between 3-5 minutes will usually do the trick. 

Pull the cobs out with tongs, or just let the pot cool down on its own. Once you’re ready, cover the corn in your chosen toppings and enjoy!

Fire-grilled corn

Finally, you can grill the corn over an open flame if you want to get a nice smoky taste. This method has a higher risk of burning/charring, but the results are delicious. If you’re looking for the best way to cook corn on the cob over a campfire, many people will direct you to this method. 

Although you can grill corn with or without the husks attached, you can reduce the risk of charring if you keep the husks on the cob. Begin by pulling the husks down and removing the silk from the cobs. Keep the base of the corn intact, so the leaves don’t fall off during the process.

Once the majority of the silk has been removed, pull the husks back over the kernels. Secure them with a small piece of string and soak the cobs in water for between 15-60 minutes. 

While you let the cobs soak, build and burn your campfire. Let it burn down to the coals, and then spread them out in an even layer. Remove the cobs and pat them dry, then lay them directly on top of the hot coals. Place additional coals on top to provide an even layer of heat.

Leave the corn cobs in the fire for about 10 minutes, then pull them out and remove the husks. Now you can season the corn and enjoy it!

Best corn add-ons/toppings

Butter, salt, and pepper

If you’re looking for a classic combo, you can’t go wrong with butter, salt, and pepper. These ingredients combine to make a delicious treat that’s salty, savory, and sweet all at once. Butter helps the ingredients stick, but it also adds a nice creaminess to the mix.

Mayo, cotija cheese, and cayenne pepper

If you love Mexican corn on the cob, it’s pretty easy to make! Just follow one of the cooking methods above and spread mayonnaise on the warm corn.

Sprinkle it with cotija cheese, cayenne pepper, and maybe a bit of lime juice, and you’ve got a hit on your hands! This combination is classic, and it’s a popular fair food for a reason. 

Bacon and basil

If you want something a little more herbal and savory, top your corn with crumbled bacon and basil. Herbed butter will help these ingredients stick.

Corn and bacon go together beautifully because their flavors and textures are so contrasted. Basil adds a fresh note as well.

Cream cheese

If you love cheese, you can spice up your corn on the cob with a layer of cream cheese. Once this has been softened, it’s easy to spread on the corn.

It melts and seeps into the cracks, creating a creamy, cheesy treat. Although it’s a bit off the beaten path, you can’t beat the flavor and texture of this add-on!

Lemon juice

Maybe corn on the cob is a little too mild or sweet for your taste. In this case, you can improve the dining experience by adding a squirt of lemon juice and salt. These will add acidity and tang to your food. Plus, they can improve the potency of the corn’s sweetness by contrast. 

Cinnamon sugar

Finally, we’ve got a bit of a weird one. Although you may not think of corn as a sweet treat, cinnamon and sugar elevate it to dessert-worthy status!

Corn is naturally pretty sweet, and you can enhance it by spreading cinnamon sugar over the cob. Use a bit of butter to help everything stick.

If you have more corn than you know what to do with, you can transform it into a meal that covers every aspect of the dining experience. 

There are many ways to cook and season corn on the cob, but these are some of our favorite methods. Try some of these out during your next trip and see if you discover a new favorite of your own!

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