Video: Outside Van Partners with Volta Power Systems

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HOLLAND, Mich. – Volta Power Systems has partnered with Outside Van on their first-ever standardized Class B off-grid adventure vans, according to a press release from Volta.

The new models, called Approach and Syncline, will each come standard with a 13.2 kWh lithium-ion Volta system, which enables reliable, sustainable camping anywhere off-the-grid.

For over twenty years, Outside Van has established a reputation for its unique van conversions, specializing as one of the largest upfitters for off-grid adventure vans in the country. With increasing popularity and demand from customers, the upfitter made a strategic move to begin producing standardized models in addition to its custom lines.

“Off-grid energy capability is a core differentiator for the adventure van experience our customers want,” said Susan Clemo, Outside Van’s CEO. “They want the ability to stay anywhere and still use air-conditioning overnight, run lights, cook, or even charge something like an eBike. Power is no longer a barrier to adventure.”

Go RVing’s most recent RV Owner Demographic Profile indicated that 88% of RV owners want off-grid capabilities on their next RV, and over half expect a long term battery solution. In alignment with the market shift and customer expectations, Outside Van tapped Volta for a system-based approach to integration.

In addition to a 13.2kWh NMC li-ion pack, the Volta system includes a lightweight 3200W inverter, DC conversion and a secondarily alternator to charge while driving. Outside Van also paired the system with a 48V rooftop air conditioner, which maximizes efficiency within the 48V DC electrical architecture.

“We love seeing our partners succeed, and it’s been great to see Outside Van’s expansion over the past few years,” said Jack Johnon, CTO at Volta. “We’re grateful we can provide them with technology that meets customer expectations, and I’m excited to see their continued growth with Approach and Syncline.”

To accommodate increased production, Outside Van is opening a new 130,000-square-foot production facility near its existing Portland, Oregon headquarters and custom conversion shop. The company is hosting an open house for the new facility on June 15, 2023. Representatives from Volta will also be exhibiting at the event, which precedes the Adventure Van Expo in Hood River, OR on June 17 and 18.