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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Together Outdoors (TO) announced the opening of the application period of its Inclusive Micro-Grant Program, a new initiative aimed at bolstering capacity for small and rural grassroots organizations that are key to creating a more inclusive and welcoming outdoor recreation environment. This unique program, in addition to TO’s overall efforts, is made possible thanks to foundational support from THOR Industries, according to a release.

Together Outdoors is an initiative administered by Outdoor Recreation Roundtable that nurtures an environment where all people have access to welcoming outdoor recreation experiences. This work is pursued through engagement, partnership and education across all segments of the outdoor community. The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) is the nation’s leading coalition of outdoor recreation associations representing the more than 110,000 outdoor businesses in the recreation economy and the full spectrum of outdoor-related activities.

Ambreen Tariq

“As we unveil the second round of our Inclusive Micro-Grant Program, our commitment to diversity and representation in the great outdoors has never been stronger,” stated Ambreen Tariq, Senior Program Director at Outdoor Recreation Roundtable and Together Outdoors Coalition Lead. “This initiative is more than just a grant program; it’s a statement that the outdoors is a space where everyone — no matter your color, creed, or community — should feel at home. By supporting grassroots organizations with the passion and purpose to drive change, we’re not just funding projects – we’re investing in a future where outdoor equity is the norm. We’re eager to see the innovative and impactful ways our grantees will use these funds to break down barriers to outdoor recreation.”

Recognizing the disparities in traditional grant funding, which often favors large, well-resourced organizations, Together Outdoors Inclusive Micro-Grant Program focuses on enhancing the capabilities of small-scale, community-based groups that serve diverse and underrepresented populations. These organizations are instrumental in bridging the outdoor “adventure gap” but frequently can’t compete for conventional funding due to resource-intensive application and reporting requirements. In 2022, thanks to THOR Industries, Winnebago and Airstream, Together Outdoors Inclusive Micro-Grant Program distributed $54,000 across nine organizations. The grant program won a Bessie Award for Inclusion, driving positive change and supporting a variety of outdoor recreation-related programming, events, and leadership initiatives specifically benefiting communities of color, LGBTQIA+ and other intersecting groups.

The 2024 Inclusive Micro-Grant Program is poised to continue the great support started in 2022 and will focus on two key areas:

Research + Resources: Financial backing for projects developing research and resources that facilitate inclusion outdoors. This includes the creation of educational toolkits, multimedia content and translation services to ensure accessibility for all.

Activating Change Outdoors: Support for outdoor recreation programming, events and leadership development initiatives specifically designed to empower communities of color, LGBTQIA+, individuals in underserved regions, people with disabilities and other intersecting minority groups.

Together Outdoors invites grassroots organizations that embody these focus areas and share its vision for a diverse outdoor community to apply for the Inclusive Micro-Grant Program. Organizations are encouraged to apply to the inaugural grant round by March 11. Application materials should be submitted via email to Ambreen Tariq, Together Outdoors Coalition Lead at [email protected]. 

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