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ESSLINGEN, Germany and TROLLHATTAN, Sweden – The demand for fossil-free deliveries has increased rapidly. Transport vehicles with electric drives are gaining in importance as one possible alternative, according to a press release from Eberspaecher.

In addition to the passenger compartment, their cargo space also needs an electric heating system to ensure the optimum temperature at all times. With the CargoTronic, the thermal management expert Eberspaecher is launching a fully electric heating solution, which provides safe and fast warmth. The product can be seen at the Nordic EV Summit in Lillestrøm, Norway, from April 4 to 5 at booth B05-20 in hall B.

Distributors of all types of goods, except refrigerated, need to ensure that the cargo hasn’t been damaged by frost on its way to the recipient. This is particularly important when transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as medical products, blood plasma, flowers or paint. “With the new CargoTronic, we offer a high-voltage heater for electric trucks and light commercial vehicles that keeps goods frost-free regardless of the weather and creates a good working environment when loading and unloading the cargo area,” said Fredrik Eriksson, Sales Manager Eberspaecher in Sweden and Denmark.

Eberspaecher developed the new product as a heating system that receives its energy directly from the vehicle’s high-voltage batteries via the electrical outlet (Power Take Off). The heat in the CargoTronic 6E is generated using PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology. The powerful PTC elements protect against overheating thanks to their inherent self-regulating effect and therefore enable safe and fast warming. A powerful fan moves the heat with a maximum of 725 3/h from the elements and distributes the warm air in the cargo area.

Three versions with space-saving and robust design
CargoTronic 6E is available in three variants with operating voltages from 400 to 800 VDC and heats with 6 kW output. In these versions, the blower brings a fan voltage of up to 24 V and three fan speeds. The unit provides two options for control, one with a pre-programmed PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the other for manual user operation with an optional PCK3 controller. The waterproof, durable and corrosion-resistant cover allows installation outside of the cargo cabinet; this means no space is lost in the cargo area. With 49 cm height, 54.5 cm width and 18 cm depth the heater unit is compact and requires less space than today’s conventional solutions. CargoTronic 6E is supplied with outlet and return air grilles, replaceable return air filter, fuse box and cables, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with customer DC voltage requirements and OEM vehicle connections.

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