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ATHENS, TX – The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) has announced that Jeremy Wagers, a distinguished graduate of the advanced RV Service Technician program in July 2021, has been officially recognized by the Texas Workforce Commission as a Certified Instructor. Jeremy’s journey from a dedicated student to a pivotal member of the NRVTA team exemplifies the Academy’s commitment to fostering talent and promoting excellence in RV education and service.

Since his graduation, Jeremy has become a familiar and respected presence at NRVTA, initially serving as a Technical Assistant. His dedication and hard work have made him an invaluable asset to our technical team, where he has played a crucial role in mentoring students in our RV fundamentals courses and assisting instructors during advanced classes. Jeremy’s expertise and passion for RV service, particularly in solar installations, have not only enriched the learning experience for our students but have also set a high standard of educational excellence at NRVTA.

Jeremy’s contribution to the NRVTA solar class, where he led small groups through solar installations and skillfully addressed students’ questions, has been particularly noteworthy. His ability to convey complex technical information in an accessible and engaging manner has made him a favorite among students and staff alike.

Todd Henson, NRVTA Director of Education, praised Jeremy’s qualities, stating, “Jeremy is an all-around wonderful person with a heart for educating those hungry for knowledge. His peaceful demeanor and ability to handle stressful situations with ease make him a perfect fit for our team of instructors. We are incredibly proud to see him achieve this certification and are excited for the future of RV education with Jeremy playing a leading role.”

In a remarkable commitment to his career and lifestyle, Jeremy and his family made a significant life change by moving from Ohio to Texas. They sold their home and now live full-time in their RV at the Texas RV park and campus. This move not only brought Jeremy closer to the heart of the RV training world but also allowed him to immerse fully in the RV lifestyle he teaches and loves.

When he’s not shaping the minds of future RV technicians at the school, Jeremy runs his own mobile RV technician service, “Big Wage Mobile RV Tech.” His business further demonstrates his dedication to the RV community, offering expert service and support to RV owners in need.

The National RV Training Academy is confident that Jeremy Wagers’ certification as a Texas Workforce Commission Certified Instructor, combined with his unique lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit, will further enhance the quality of our educational programs and contribute to our mission of providing top-tier training to RV service professionals. We look forward to the continued impact Jeremy will have on our students, the RV community, and the industry at large.

Please join us in congratulating Jeremy Wagers on this significant achievement. The NRVTA is excited to see where Jeremy’s expertise, dedication, and passion for RV service and education will take us in the future.

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