‘Please Put Gravity Back Where it Belongs’: This BMX Trick is Unbelievable


A recently shared video shows a BMXer rider defying gravity with an unbelievable trick. It’s hard to explain what he does, but you’ll want to see the video.

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Check it out: 

In the video, Dylan Devitt hits a jump and lets go of the bike. Devitt then spins in the air. That happens while the bike does a flip as well. Devitt then manages to grab the bike and land the trick perfectly. 

Unsurprisingly, the move blew people’s minds. Some responses include, “Please put gravity back where it belongs” and “That is bananas.”

Devitt explains in the comments that it wasn’t easy for him either. Working up to the world’s first “360 Nothing Front Bike Flip” took a lot of practice. Devitt says it was 11 days and 700 attempts. In the process, he fell plenty and sustained some minor injuries. 

“Thank you to everyone sticking around to set up, film, let me ride this place, pick me back up through the 11 days, it means the world,” Devitt wrote.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Devitt is a professional rider and tours with a showcase of other talented riders in Australia.

Is this the wildest bike trick you’ve ever seen?

Source: https://outdoors.com/please-put-gravity-back-where-it-belongs-this-bmx-trick-is-unbelievable/