11 Types of Work Camping Jobs Perfect for RVers

You may have heard of workamping, seasonal or temporary jobs that include a campsite as part of your compensation. Work camping jobs are a great way to make money while RV traveling. Workampers can explore different areas of the country while they work. When you first think of workamping, you probably imagine a campground hosting […]

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Camping Logistics…

Getting the most from your RV experience. By Garth Cane Years ago, when you headed off on a long RV trip, it was not unusual for people to park their RVs for the night in farmer’s fields, service station lots, and shopping malls.  For all practical purposes, this is the wrong way to start out […]

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Citation Reward Travel Trailers From General Coach Canada

RV Lifestyle Magazine Road Test       The Citation Reward 25-foot travel trailer is the featured road test in the Autumn issue of RV Lifestyle Magazine. World Premiere – Citation Reward Travel Trailers From General Coach Canada Text and photos by Norm Rosen After more than 50 years as Canada’s #1 RV enthusiast magazine, […]

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Up The West Coast

We were on the road quite early in the morning but then Murphy took a hand and made me lose all the air in one of my tyres. I’m a bit heavy and they couldn’t prevent the jack they were using from sinking into the […]

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The BluMobil Trailer Generates Power and Clean Water on the Go

Parking your RV at an off-the-grid campsite comes with more than a few benefits. Those remote settings are usually quieter and less crowded than traditional campgrounds and provide a better connection with nature, too. This style of camping isn’t without its challenges, however, most notably how to generate power and clean drinking water without the…

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Port Hedland to Katherine

The short trip from Port Hedland to Broome was uneventful and Lionel intended just doing a bit of shopping and then moving on. He had spent some time in Broome when travelling with his friends, Anne and Don, and wasn’t impressed with the town that […]

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