Broome Vs Kununurra!

Planning a trip to the Kimberley but unsure whether Broome or Kununurra is more suited to your travel style? We compare these two popular tourist towns to work out which one you should add to your next north-west Australia road trip itinerary. BEST TIME OF […]

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Up The West Coast

We were on the road quite early in the morning but then Murphy took a hand and made me lose all the air in one of my tyres. I’m a bit heavy and they couldn’t prevent the jack they were using from sinking into the […]

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Hot Springs Muster

The local ACC Rainforest Ramblers were having their June muster at the Innot Hot Springs so I decided it to go along and join them. I go through the little hamlet when coming and going to Walkamin, Qld, most years. As usual, the weather on […]

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Ningaloo Coast Campground

“Oh yeah, that’s known as the worst road in Australia!” Not exactly what you want to hear when you’re about to tow a 21ft caravan down a particular road but, unfortunately for us, this is what we consistently heard from locals and fellow travellers regarding […]

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Free-Camping Guide

When you arrive a caravan park, you’re usually handed a map which often includes a list of rules. In other words, you know upfront what you can do and what you can’t. And if you stray from the rules, it’s a good chance someone will […]

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How to Leave No Trace While RV Camping

During the post-World War II era of the 1950s and 60s, America’s national parks saw a dramatic spike in visitors. At the time, hiking, backpacking, and camping were all the rage, and an increasing number of people were flocking to these iconic destinations. This tremendous growth in popularity was good for the health and wellbeing…

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