RVLock Atlas Introduces ‘Keyless Upgrade’ for Motorhomes


WELLSVILLE, Utah – RVLock, a best-selling premium handle upgrade for RVers, announced the launch of the RVLock Atlas, an innovative keyless entry solution for Class A motorists to maximize security and convenience without needing to fumble for keys.

“Customers have been asking us to develop this product for years,” RVLock inventor, founder and CEO Cade Harris stated on the company release. “Developing a universal handle that is simple to install for motorhome doors that vary from rig to rig is extremely complex. We created multiple prototypes before perfecting the Atlas and making it ready for customers to install themselves. RVLock has been America’s preferred RV security solution since we invented the keyless handle in 2010. Our customer base expects us to continue to develop quality products – so we took our time to get it right.”

The RVLock Atlas joins the existing RVLock Class C Charter, as the world’s first Class A entry handle of its kind, making locking and unlocking Class A rigs possible with the push of a button. Combining keyless entry through an integrated keypad, key fob, or smartphone, the RVLock Atlas enables peace of mind for travelers to know their belongings are safe, so they can focus on their next adventure.

For years, owners of Class A motorhomes have been tied to mechanical keys for their luxury RVs. After two years of development, the Atlas stays true to RVLock’s roots by providing a keyless upgrade with a moderately simple DIY install.

Additional features of the Atlas include:

•   A rechargeable lithium battery power supply

•   Custom RVLock key codes

•   Steel body construction

•   The RVLock Durō keypad

•   A lifetime warranty

Users can attach a separate product, the RVLock BT Pro+, to convert their handle to support Bluetooth functionality with their smartphones through the RVLock app.

Most RVers do not realize that only a handful of keycodes exist in the RV market. RVLock has solved that security flaw by developing thousands of unique key codes, greatly decreasing the odds of neighboring campers having the same key codes.

“To think the idea of RVLock all started when my tool trailer was broken into is remarkable,” Harris said. “Every time we drive down the road and see our keyless handle on a family’s trailer, we can’t help but feel proud that we are helping protect what matters most to people.”

The RVLock Atlas is available for sale exclusively at RVLock.com and will start shipping to customers on Sept. 30, 2022.

About RVLock

Since its inception by Cade Harris, RVLock has been the #1 best-selling premium handle upgrade for RVers for over 10 years. RVLock is the original keyless entry solution for fifth wheels, travel trailers, campers, horse trailers, motorhomes, and more. As a family-owned and operated small business headquartered in Northern Utah, RVLock produces uniquely designed products for RVers, created by RVers. Protecting what matters most while making life more convenient has always been RVLock’s core mission. For more information, visit www.rvlock.com.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rvlock-atlas-introduces-keyless-upgrade-for-motorhomes/