Latest ‘Rootless Living’ Magazine Showcases RV Renovations

EDITOR’S NOTE: The September/October issue of Rootless Living, a consumer-facing nomadic lifestyle magazine, has just been published. Here’s what Publisher Demian Ross and Chief Editor Nikki Kirk have to say about this issue:

We are calling this the Renovation Issue, and inside, you’ll find lots of inspiration to plan or begin your RV renovation. Let me start with our own story about renovating our RV.

Like so many full-time, part-time, or sometime RVers, we are always trying to find ways to make our RV fit our needs best, and in late 2020, Nikki and I decided to completely gut and renovate the RV. We had two main motivations. First, we wanted actual desks and dedicated office spaces—no more sitting at the dinette table. Second, we wanted to make the RV look and feel more like a home. It always felt really strange when we would meet people who had the exact same RV as us and notice our interiors were exactly the same. It felt like someone was in our house!

The hardest part about renovating a “new” RV is deciding when to start the process. Do you use it as it is for a while, or do you gut it and make it your own on day one? Buying used gives you a great excuse to gut and renovate, but when everything is brand new, it can be hard to justify.

Ultimately, I’m glad we decided to wait a few years and really figure out what would work best for us and what we needed and didn’t need. Plus, we were able to get the most out of the interior that came with the RV.

Nikki and I had no renovation experience, and even though we had to ask for help and guidance along the way (and watch lots of YouTube videos), we learned so much and are excited to renovate another RV down the road. But for now, our RV is exactly the way we want it, and it really feels and functions like a home and office on wheels.

We would love to showcase an RV renovation in every issue, so if you’ve renovated your RV or know someone who has, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. Let’s inspire people to make their RV fit their lifestyle.