Protecting Your RV Investment During A Recession

Protecting Your RV Investment During A Recession

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How To Protect Your RV Investment

Most RVers are already honed in on taking care of their RVs. Whether you use your RV for pleasure, or you’ve sold the sticks and bricks and now live in your RV full-time, you must always be cognizant of protecting your RV investment. Consider all of the options that follow as potential tactics to protect your hard-earned investment.

Deal with RV maintenance issues immediately

This basic principle for protecting your RV investment easily translates to almost anything you own. The brakes on your car are a classic example.

A little squeal in your brakes is often nothing more than new brake pads and maybe a few turns of the rotor on the lathe. Let that squeal go without addressing it, however, and you can add a whole host of additional problems, such as overheated bearings, damaged wheel cylinders, buying new rotors instead of just turning the old ones…etc.

While the above scenario actually applies to RVs as well, it serves as an example for all the other systems on an RV that can’t be ignored. Water where water shouldn’t be, unusual or out of the ordinary noises made by AC units, water pumps, and any new squeaks, drips, and rattles should all be addressed immediately. Subsequent damage, especially when it comes to water damage, can start small and innocent but end up quite catastrophic. 

Although it goes without saying, we’ll say it anyway. Adhering to a rigid preventive maintenance schedule is paramount to protecting your RV investment. An RV is a home, truck, and boat all in one. You must plan for periodic maintenance and address issues immediately.

Man uses floor jack to raise front end of small RV to perform maintenance that will protect your rv investment.
Staying on top of maintenance can help you protect your RV investment.

Consider an RV extended warranty

Unfortunately, not every problem with an RV is the easy, affordable kind. Even with a vigilant RV maintenance routine, the bells and whistles of your home-on-wheels will start to fail.

Some of these unavoidable problems are the expensive kind, such as entire AC unit replacement, hydraulic slide & leveler pump, or that nasty 12-letter word….t r a n s m i s s i o n. Part of protecting your RV investment is planning for the inevitable.

An extended RV warranty is a way to get ahead of repair costs, paying a premium now to let someone else pick up those hefty repair bills later. In this way, it also provides a great sense of security, knowing that if the worst happens, you won’t be draining your bank account and travel budget. What better way to protect your RV investment than not having to worry about major repairs?

When you work with an online provider like Wholesale Warranties, you’re also able to lock in multiple years of coverage up front. This ensures your rate can’t go up during the life of your policy, even as you file claims. But it also sets you at an advantage against the changing economy of parts and labor costs.

The expense of RV parts and particularly skilled RV labor is only going up and sees a rise each year. If you lock in your coverage today, your policy is agreeing to pay full retail parts and labor for covered costs, even as those expenses continue to rise. You can get a free quote to learn more about how an extended RV warranty can protect your RV investment.

Another benefit of holding extended RV warranty coverage is the freedom to get repairs done on your schedule, as they happen. With the policies offered by Wholesale Warranties, you can take your rig to any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada, including mobile mechanics.

Waiting to get a repair done to push off that expensive bill only hinders your ability to enjoy your rig–and it allows small problems to turn into big ones. Get your rig fixed when you need to, where you want to, while your warranty picks up the bill.

Educate yourself about your specific RV

Knowing as much as you can about RVs is great. Knowing as much as you can about your specific brand, make, or model is even better. Spend time on active RV forums. There are specific brand areas in most forums for top brands like Tiffin and Newmar owners. There are also forums dedicated to specific brands, such as Grand Design or Forest River.

Not only will you increase your general RV knowledge, but you will have very specific knowledge applicable to your coach. When you engage in these kinds of community-based resources, you can ask questions that perhaps the dealer didn’t address, or you didn’t even know to ask at first. 

One day, when your RV is making a crazy clattering noise, instead of thinking, “Oh no…I have to take my RV to the dealer”, you can think; “Hmm, that sounds like it’s coming from one of the AC units on the roof. I’ve read where the plastic blower wheel used in the Coleman Mach 8 units on my RV often crack and start to break apart. I’ll check that before I do anything else.” 

Now instead of a week or more at the service center and a few hundred bucks labor, you are out only about $80 and a couple of hours at most. Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your RV investment.

Get a quote today

Getting a quote for an RV warranty, taking care of the little things as they arise, and educating yourself on every aspect of your RV all go a long way towards protecting your RV investment. Don’t let leaner times steal your joy. Take care of your RV and enjoy the journey!

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