Progress Mfg. Inc.’s Kim Dewsnup Retires After 25 Years

Kim Dewsnup

PROVO, Utah – After a successful 25-year career in the RV Industry, Kim Dewsnup, trainer, sales representative, and friend to all, is retiring from Progress Mfg., according to a release.

While Progress’ well-known brands, Equal-i-zer Hitch and Fastway Trailer Products are known for quality products, Progress would not be where it is, without the people who work there. Progress thanks Dewsnup for the 13 years he has given the company and honors his 25 years in the industry, the release continued.

Before he entered the RV industry, Dewsnup worked as a coal miner in Richfield, Utah. Wanting to look for a safer job, Dewsnup began working at Wing Enterprises where he helped with the creation of the Quickdraw ball mount, before becoming vice president of sales at the newly formed Quickdraw company. Dewsnup went on to work for Coast Distribution Systems Inc. as a corporate trainer, before eventually joining Progress.

Dewsnup started his journey at Progress Mfg. in 2010 as a sales representative and trainer. He had the opportunity over the years to train many of Progress’ current sales reps, including Deven McCann, who had nothing but good things to say about the retiree.

“I was able to sit by Kim and learn the industry, as I was new to RV back in 2010,” stated McCann. “Traveling with Kim and watching him at tradeshows with his customers was priceless for me.”

Dewsnup’s main responsibility was communicating and creating relationships with dealers selling Equal-i-zer Hitch and Fastway Trailer Products. This consisted of traveling to RV dealers, conducting trainings on installations, and highlighting the best features and benefits of all the products Progress offers. He also played a significant role in expanding and building relationships with dealers in the Western United States and Canada.

When asked what he enjoyed about working at Progress, Dewsnup’s response rings true to the values Progress holds dear. “Progress is family, they really care about their employees,” stated Dewsnup. “The company has very high standards and the leadership is not only amazing and kind but holds true to their promises. Not to mention the quality of products we manufacture every day for our customers. It is a wonderful place to provide for your family and serve others.”

He is not only leaving a legacy at Progress, but with the people he worked with.

“Kim Dewsnup is amazing and is the perfect friend and co-worker,” said Rich Elliott, director of sales and marketing. “I respect and hope to emulate his hard work, optimism, and gratitude. Kim has had a very distinguished career. He has made a massive impact on people, products, and the industry. We will miss his smile, wisdom, and mustache. Thank you, Kim!”

“The bottom line is that Progress Mfg. will never be the same, the day Kim walks out that door for the last time,” said Progress Mfg. Sales Account Manager, Deven McCann, “Everything that he taught us about hard work, people, loyalty, and integrity will always stay.”

When asked about his relationship with Dewsnup, Cody Kissel, a dealer from Curtis Trailer, said, “I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Kim. He is an absolute rockstar, and it was a pleasure to work with him. He made my transition from auto parts to RV and travel trailers incredibly smooth, which is what made him such a great dealer advocate. He always had the dealer’s best interest at heart, and we will miss him!”

Canadian Sales Rep Wayne Mitchell and Dewsnup have known each other for years. Mitchell said, “On a personal level, Kim and I have become friends and will remain friends long after he retires. On a professional level, I do not know that you could meet anybody that puts the dealers at the front of what he does, more than Kim. His customer service and his loyalty to the dealers and doing right by the dealers, is second to none in this industry. He is going to be very missed.”

Progress Mfg. Inc. officials wished to thank Kim Dewsnup for the years of service he has given the company, its dealers and distributors, and wishes him well in his retirement. Happy fishing!

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