Photo Series: Aperture Abroad – Travel Photography By Isaak Getz

Hey, I’m Isaak, a fourth-year computer science student at the University of Utah. I first got into photography quite a few years ago, when I would borrow my mom’s camera and go shoot whatever hike or adventure I happened to be on at the time. I’ve since acquired my own camera, and I love traveling around Utah and around the world, capturing the amazing things I’ve been lucky enough to experience. I really enjoy photography for a lot of reasons, the first one being that it motivates me to get outside, get up early, and go do something awesome! I also enjoy the creative aspect of photography. When shooting a landscape, there are countless ways to capture it. Combined with the power of modern photo editing software, the mood and feel of a photo can become whatever I want. It’s interesting because this mirrors software development in a lot of ways. Generally, people think of writing code as a highly technical process, but it’s actually quite creative as well. Given a problem in software development, there are always hundreds of different ways to solve it, leaving lots of room for a personal touch.

Isaak Getz

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