If Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, Would You?

Makena Klinge

Utah’s got some nice rocks, I think most locals or visitors would agree. Here in the great state of Utah, our rocks offer a plethora of recreational opportunities, from skiing in the winter on the elevated peaks, rock climbing the Wasatch front, mountain biking down south, hiking through the national parks, or taking a Jeep offroading on the red dirt of Moab. Our rocks rock! 


We also have some pretty stellar rocks if you want to follow your friends off a cliff, you can tell your mom not to worry, everyone’s doing it. 


Here are five cliff jumping locations to hit this summer in the state if you are craving some adrenaline and a refreshing plunge during the upcoming months of scorching heat. 


1. Echo Reservoir 

Located in northeastern Utah (north of Park City), Echo is a popular state park in the summer months. There are cliffs ranging from 10-50 feet at the reservoir and the water level is usually safe for jumping from May-July. The park is open from 6am – 10pm year round and offers camping locations which require reservations during the summer. 

Travel time from SLC: 45 min – 1 hour


2. Causey Reservoir 

This location caters to non-motorized water activities and is 15 miles northeast of Ogden off Utah State Route 39. Cliffs here range from 10-40 feet and is also best to visit between May-July. However there aren’t many beaches at this reservoir so if you want to spend more time in the water, an inflatable device is recommended. 

Travel time from SLC: a little over an 1 hour

Makena Klinge

3. Toquerville Falls

If you find yourself in Zion National Park, on the northwest end particularly, then you should make a pit stop at this hidden gym swimming hole. It is off of the main road and is a bit of a side quest best reached via a truck, SUV or ATV, not recommended for your average Subaru if you know what I mean. There are also camping spots in the area if you want to extend your time here. Be sure to check water levels before jumping because of fluctuating coverage. Definitely more of a swimming hole than a major cliff jumping location, but a very cool location nonetheless! 

Travel time from SLC: 4.5 hours 


4. Island Lake

Situated in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, this remote lake is reachable by hiking or backpacking. I went on an overnight backpacking trip to this lake with some friends a few years back and we had a blast. Alltrails rates this out and back 8.4 mile trail as a moderate hike with a 1,076 ft elevation gain. Once you reach the end of the designated trail, you follow the loop around to the other side of the lake to get to the cliffs, ranging from 30-50 feet. A great lake to backpack to with fun cliffs, but be prepared for cold water and chilly nights camping if you choose to stay overnight. I would recommend visiting in the summer months. 

Travel time from SLC: 1.5 hour (drive to trailhead) 


5. Sand Hollow Reservoir 

Another location to travel to in Utah, Sand Hollow Reservoir is located in Sand Hollow National Park and is located near the town of Hurricane. This is a unique spot to spend some sunny summer days because its waters are breathtakingly blue and warm (compared to other locations in Utah). It is also surrounded by red rocks and red sand that draws boaters, swimmers and ATV riders that cruise across the sand dunes. The best time to visit is May-September; the waters should be warm during these months. There is also a variety of camping available at the park.

Makena Klinge

I went on a weekend trip here with friends one May and had an incredible time laying on and jumping off of the rocks. Cliff heights range from 5-35 feet. 

Travel time from SLC: 4.5 hours


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