National Officer Candidates

The 2023 election of FMCA National Officers will be held August 23, 2023, at FMCA’s 107th International Convention in Gillette, Wyoming.

May 2023

FMCA’s Nominating Committee has submitted its slate of candidates for national office for the 2023-2025 term. The members of the committee are Jim Duncan, F253901, Chairman; Dane Bailey, F419825; Rodger Donnelly, F253331; Jack Mayberry, F369343; and Al Zimmerman, F407361.

Following are the resumes submitted by each candidate. Although balloting is restricted to national directors and national officers, all FMCA members are invited to review the candidates’ resumes and to communicate their preferences to their respective national director or area vice president. Doing so will help him or her better serve members on election day. Also, nominations can be made from the floor of the Governing Board meeting; however, committee members ask that this be done only with the prior consent of the proposed nominee.

For details and to read the resumes of the candidates, click here.

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