Mountain Gazette Magazine Is Back in a Big Way (Literally)

“We don’t publish online, so the work in our magazine belongs exclusively to our readers,” Rogge points out. “If you’d like to share a story, you lend a copy to a buddy. We published a piece one time and heard stories of people driving to their friends’ houses to read it for themselves. That was an awesome moment.”

When I asked Rogge about his favorite stories from past issues he went down the kind of rabbit hole that makes one want to curl up in a hammock with an issue: “Skinny dipping in alpine lakes, falling in love, living in ski towns, snowboarding Palm Springs, getting sober, fighting fires in the West, taking drugs and floating down a river with beavers…I love everything we’ve published because the stories came from the minds of our contributors.”

Thus far, the gamble that the same folks who enjoy the palpable pleasures (and pains) of adventure would also value the tactile delight of connecting with the outdoors through turning the pages of a magazine has paid off, while still functioning on a mountain town timescale. Rogge intends to keep it that way.