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Chase Rhode

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. –Modern Buggy RV in a press release has announced partnerships with Harvest Hosts/Boondockers Only, Saferide roadside service and Fogatti water heaters.

Chase Rhode with Field and Sports, an outbound outfitter which partners with Modern Buggy RV said recently, “Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready Program sounds like something Modern Buggy should be a part of. New Modern Buggy customers will get a free trial offer from the Harvest Hosts/Boondockers Welcome app to camp at over 8,000 location’s and counting.”

Rhode continued, “Many of the sites in the Harvest Hosts Boondockers Only accommodate 25- or 20-foot rigs which is perfect, so all of our models fit. Our Big Buggies will look great at one of their vineyards or breweries or wherever you choose to go.”

Earl Williams co-owner of Modern Buggy RV said, “Harvest Hosts has been a great asset to the RV Industry. The Big Buggy series we make meets their criteria of having the bathroom and kitchen inside as well as being self-sustainable. We love it, the more nice camping places people can go, the more our industry can grow. And the spaces are free. A lot of brands have been using the term overland for their products but really don’t match up nor know the definition. Shoppers should look for at least 235 wide 28” tall tires, minimum of 14” ground clearance, better suspensions, shorter height and length trailers, and are self-sustainable.”

Williams also noted that to improve customer security when traveling, Modern Buggy has partnered with Saferide, a premier roadside assistance program.

“Their founder’s experience is second to none having brought with them what they learned from starting both Good Sam’s and Coach Net, What’s cool is Saferide does offer winch out service,” Williams said.

Williams also announced a partnership with Elklhart, Ind.-based RV appliance supplier Fogatti.

“By not hauling around a 6- or 10-gallon water heater filled with water, we saved over 75 pounds. and added storage space,” Williams said. “With Fogatti tankless water heaters Modern Buggy is leaping over our competition that use a tank water heater and or shower miser. If someone has ever owned an RV before and the water heater broke, this is what most people buy to replace it. Fogatti aftermarket sales are huge.”

Scott Rhode

“It’s so exciting to have this feature,” said Scott Rhode with Field and Sports. “Fogatti has been making water heaters longer and better than other brands. Please do your homework when shopping. Fogatti has so many benefits over tank filled water heaters as well as other tankless water heaters starting with; robust latch and stronger hinged door, patented water flow stabilizer, 7-safety precautions, no leaking, no anode rod to replace, digital thermostat to actually set your temperature from 95-123 degrees, heats instantly, no wasted water, protects against water burst, save over 50% on LP use, much easier to winterize and for Overlanders Fogatti even works up to 9,800 feet altitude!

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