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Well-known RV technical expert, writer and teacher Chris Dougherty is expanding his reach with the publication of The RV PHD subscription newsletter, best described as a source for expert RV technical tips, tricks, advice and opinions for anyone who lives the RV lifestyle or works in the RV Industry.

Although Dougherty may be best known as the former technical editor for RV consumer magazines Trailer Life and Motorhome, RV Enthusiast Magazine and, he has been immersed in RVs for decades.

Chris Dougherty

His resume includes full-time RVer, mobile tech, campground manager, dealership service manager and RV Technical Institute (RVTI) adjunct facility member conducting RVTI Certification training through the Worcester County (Mass.) Jail. He can also be seen at RV shows across the Eastern U.S., including America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa., as well as shows in Boston and Springfield, Mass. Currently, he is partnered with the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association (PRVCA) to train technicians for RVTI certification.

“One way or another, I’ve been involved with RVs for nearly 50 years,” he told RVBusiness, adding that RV education and teaching are his passions.

“Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor, was my friend and mentor,” he explained. “When Gary passed away due to Covid in 2020, I think the industry lost a valuable voice. The RV PHD will help fill the gap left behind while taking advantage of new digital communications opportunities to attract and inform readers.”

The RV PHD offers a variety of content, including articles, podcasts, training material and information that Dougherty said will be valuable to consumers and RV technicians. Some topics covered include safety tips, RV systems and products, RV electricity, propane handling and tools. In addition, it also features sections like “Technicians Corner,” “Safety Minute,” “Tech Tips Q&A” and “Potty Break” (sewage handling). Users can tap into an online voicemail system to ask questions and receive answers.

For technicians, The RV PHD will be a platform to easily access informative content, including blog posts, podcasts and other resources that can enhance their expertise in the field.

While the internet is full of RV-related stories, Dougherty questions the accuracy of some of this content, and his newsletter will work to correct it.

One example he called to question was in a December 27 post entitled “Caution: Popular Blog Wrong. AI marketing blog misleads KOA’s tribe on RV electricity.” The RV PHD ran through a step-by-step critique of the story, noting the inaccuracies and contradictions that could potentially damage or create risks for the misinformed reader.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there,” Dougherty elaborated. “Many RVers tend to believe what they read or see, especially on social media or YouTube. It can be difficult to tell right from wrong regarding advice. This applies to both consumers and technicians. My goal with The RV PHD is to teach people how to do it better and safer.”

While safety-related content on The RV PHD will be free to all, readers are encouraged to subscribe for total access. The fee is $5 monthly or $45 a year. 

Dougherty will continue to offer dealerships his one-on-one training and consulting through Dougherty RV Consulting. This includes seminars, troubleshooting, and other skills dealerships need to improve their customer service. You can reach Chris at 413-439-5331.