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HEVI-Shot is proud to announce several new loads for 2024.

The all-new, steel-shot product line — targeted for upland hunters — is aptly named HEVI-Steel Upland. These 12-gauge upland-focused loads feature 7.8 g/cc precision steel pellets, in size No. 6 or 7, dependable ignition, and a unique HEVI-Shot wad to produce exceptionally tight patterns. Their high velocity provides more downrange energy.

The first new line extension is HEVI-Metal Xtreme 12 Gauge in shot size No. 2/BB.

HEVI-Metal Xtreme uses Pattern Density Technology to devote 30% of the payload to HEVI-Shot 12 g/cc tungsten pellets (size No. 2) and stack them over steel shot (size BB). The dense tungsten pellets are three shot sizes smaller than the steel to ensure both layers have equal downrange performance. The load features the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for consistent long-range patterns and is pushed at high velocities.

The second new line extension is HEVI-XII 410 Bore in shot sizes No. 5 and 7. Loaded with HEVI-Shot’s original 12 g/cc tungsten that’s 53.8% denser than steel, these loads double the downrange energy, hitting birds harder from a longer distance. This means you can drop three shot sizes for the same lethality and still put 28% more pellets on target.

Bushnell announces new line of durable hard cases

Bushnell, an industry leader in performance optics, and Eylar, a respected manufacturer of protective cases, have announced the launch of their latest collaborative product range, the GX series of hard cases. The outcome of extensive experience and meticulous engineering, this new line of hard cases is designed to provide outstanding protection for a wide array of optics and equipment.

The GX series can accommodate various types of equipment including binoculars, spotting scopes, handguns, and rifles. (Bushnell)

The GX series can accommodate various types of equipment including binoculars, spotting scopes, handguns, and even rifles. These cases are available in an assortment of sizes to accommodate a vast range of equipment sizes and layouts.

Each case in the GX series includes several layers of protective foam, ensuring that precious gear is kept in pristine condition and safe from shocks and falls. Moreover, one of the foam layers is a perforated pull and pluck foam that is easily customizable, thus enabling users to create specific compartments to cater to individual storage needs.

With the introduction of the new GX series of hard cases, Bushnell reaffirms its commitment to offering users the best-in-class solutions for the protection and transport of their optics and other equipment.

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Velvet Antler Technologies was founded out of passion and curiosity during the fall 2004 archery season. At that time – our founder and CEO Darrell Gogert — was a professional guide living more than 100 miles from the closest taxidermist. Each season, his biggest concern was about what would happen to the velvet if his client(s) were to harvest an animal.

Limited on time and money, he knew he needed to develop something that he could pack with him, apply in the field, see long-lasting results, and not have to deal with sharp needles and harsh chemicals!

Furthermore, being the conservationist he is, he wanted to ensure what he used would not pose any dangers to plants or animals if they came in contact with it – unlike the existing methods currently used.

Fast forward to 2019; Velvet Antler Technologies has proven to be 100% effective at preserving velvet antlers for more than 15 years, never showing signs of deterioration, hair slip, or cracking. As the years have gone by we have found a need for more and different products to clean and preserve your trophies! These products were developed by a passionate hunter — for the passionate hunter — looking to preserve their memories for a lifetime!

Velvet Antler Technologies is home of Velvalok, Trophyklean, Bone Brite, Fanlok, Hidelok, Stainskrub and the Trophy Head Hauler. See all our products at The Minnesota Deer & Turkey Classic March 8-10 Canterbury Park and at


Cutweather Manufacturing, formerly known as Sleeping Indian Wool, is a Montana made wool company that specializes in building rugged outerwear. Cutweather offers its unique camouflage patterns and solid tones in a variety of shirts, jackets, and pants.

Garments are only as good as the material they are made from. Cutweather has gone to great lengths to custom mill their proprietary camouflage wool in the USA to exact specifications. They carefully designed four styles of camouflage, including Forest, Tundra, Snow, and Tiger. Each style is optimized for varied terrains and seasons. It’s up to you to choose the best way to blend in (or stand out).

Wool is odor resistant, strong, and long lasting. As the humidity of the surrounding air rises and falls, wool fiber absorbs and releases water vapor. Heat is generated and retained during the absorption phase, which makes wool a natural insulator. Because of the breathable properties of wool, it absorbs water and sweat and releases it into the air before any bacteria can develop, keeping unpleasant odors from forming in your clothing.

Customers include guides, outfitters, and Special Forces from around the world. Cutweather is proud to have a presence at the 2024 Minnesota Deer Classic. For more information call 406-295-9339 or visit


ASIO Gear’s Late Season Jacket, printed in our patented ASIO Raptor Camo ® , is 100% windproof, filled with PrimaLoft ® insulation, and features sherpa-lined pockets for extra warmth and comfort.

Available in either our patent pending bowhunting collar (pictured) or full collar design, this jacket provides stretch and dexterity for climbing in and out of tree stands and drawing your bow.

Additional features include a range-finder pocket, antimicrobial treatment for scent control, highest level of durable water repellent, tree harness slit in back, and dead quiet fabric.

Pair with our heavy base layer system, mid-weight collection, Core Warmth Vest, and Late Season Bib for the ultimate top-to-bottom camo system that will keep you in the stand for 10+ hours, even down to negative temperatures. For more information, see the full lineup at the Minnesota Deer & Turkey Classic and at