Forest River Bus Announces Acquisition of MobilityTRANS

ELKHART, Ind., – Forest River Bus on April 25 announced in a press release the acquisition of MobilityTRANS, a paratransit and passenger van manufacturer specializing in ADA-accessible vans, prison transport and first-class shuttles produced in Livonia, Mich.

As a leading provider of high-quality transit vehicles, MobilityTRANS has a reputation for innovation and excellence and a nationwide dealer network allowing customized solutions for every customer.

“MobilityTRANS is thrilled to be joining Forest River. I couldn’t ask for a better organization with which to trust our life’s work. We look forward to continued growth providing innovative commercial passenger transportation for our customers,” said Dave Brown, President of MobilityTRANS.

The acquisition of MobilityTRANS further strengthens Forest River’s commitment and ability to deliver tailored passenger transportation solutions. One of those solutions is an ADA-compliant Ford Transit van outfitted with MobilityTRANS’ new, patented Game Changer lift door. This breakthrough innovation, which allows maximum customer flexibility, is a significant step forward for the transit industry, allowing seamless curbside entry, whether ambulatory or in a wheelchair.

“The addition of these incredible products will allow us to continue to offer our customers the latest transportation solutions. I am excited to welcome MobilityTRANS to the Forest River family. We look forward to continuing the legacy they have built for over 30 years,” said David Wright, President of Forest River Bus.

For more information about MobilityTRANS and Forest River Bus, please visit their websites at and