Chaco’s New Rapid Pro Reinvents a River Gide Staple

Compared to a hardy mountain boot, Chaco’s Rapid Pro consists of just a few key components—straps, a buckle, heel riser, and sole—though all were given attention during this top-down redesign. At the foundation is the new Megagrip outsole unit developed in partnership with Vibram, an addition that’s earned the Rapid Pro the title of grippiest sandal in Chaco’s 35-year history.

Vibram Megagrip compound is the go-to formula you’ll find on the highest-performing hiking boots and mountain footwear capable of providing grip on various natural surfaces, wet and dry. “When Chaco came to us looking to develop the ultimate river sandal, we knew Megagrip would be the ideal choice—providing the traction, grip, and performance needed for intensive multi-day river excursions,” Lawrence Anastasi, Vibram Strategic Account Executive tells us.

To truly test the product, Chaco didn’t just send some sandals to their friends; they tapped 30 raft guides covering over a dozen different American rivers to put Rapid Pro protoypes through the paces and provide feedback. Speaking to the design’s most valued upgrade, rafting outfitter OARS Director of Operations Seth Davis emphasized just how real the grip on the Rapid Pro is compared to the Classic/Z Chaco sandal, “[It’s] the stickier rubber soles, hands down. I’m a unilateral amputee, so having confidence that my real foot is going to stick to whatever I’m standing on brings tremendous peace of mind.”