Hamilton’s Khaki Field Expedition Is Your Summer Adventure Watch


Hamiltons are now built in Switzerland, where the world’s best timepieces are assembled by watchmaking masters. But they’re committed to their US heritage—this month, Hamilton will open a US store in the brand’s original hometown of Lancaster, PA.

I recently joined the brand for a trip to Northern Arizona’s Sonoran desert, where we field-tested the NATO strap edition. It held up to the abuse of UTVS, river floats, and adrenaline-tingling hot air balloon ride (man wasn’t meant to be 3,000 feet off the ground with nothing more than hot air and a wicker basket).

And it’s a handsome watch. We stayed at the oasis-like Andaz, a small Southwestern paradise carved out of Phenix’s concrete suburbs, a testament to what desert hotels should be. The Expedition performed admirable double duty, appropriate for both trail days and long dinners.

Source: https://fieldmag.herokuapp.com/articles/hamilton-khaki-field-expedition-watch-review