Test: Aqua Plus Water Filters

When you’re touring Australia, can you really be 100 per cent sure about the quality of the water you’re about to drink or take a shower in? Obviously, bottled water bought from a store is fine – I’m talking about the water from some remote […]

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RV Water Tank Repair

If you’re as passionate as we are about seeing the country, you’ll inevitably find yourself travelling on remote gravel roads. And it’s here where the saying “the more remote you go, the better prepared you need to be” rings loud and true. Should you find […]

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BMPRO ProBoost Review

One of the best ways to ensure your 4WD’s auxiliary battery is topped up and ready to go when you arrive at camp is get yourself a DC-DC charger. In simple terms, these chargers use power from the 4WD’s alternator to charge the secondary battery, […]

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Product Review: InDeflate

When travelling with an RV on bitumen, gravel, sand or simply off the beaten track, you could potentially be looking at six or more tyres that need your attention. And while there are many ways to lower tyre pressures individually, we tried the Indeflate as […]

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ZOLEO: Real-World Field Test

When I was initially asked if I would give the ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator a trial run, I was quite excited as I had been considering our communication systems for some time. ZOLEO promised to be a viable option. It certainly looked the goods when […]

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Lightweight Stinger Hitch

There’s a new breed of tow hitches available in Australia. Called the Stinger, it promises to be of genuine benefit to caravanners. No doubt you are familiar with the steel variety of hitch. We have all just accepted their weight as a fact of caravanning […]

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The DCX Revolution!

There’s a revolution underway in Australia in terms of how we power the appliances in our RVs. At the heart of this revolution is the DCX battery system, designed and engineered in Australia by OzXCorp, headed by technology founder Andrew Huett. Having been in research […]

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Sirocco 12V Fan Installation

Michael D’Argent is a photographer and videographer who is travelling Australia in a van conversion with his friends. But travelling up north, or in outback South Australia, presented a major issue: the lack of airflow. “Being in a van when it’s stinking hot and you’re […]

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Vantec: Protect Your Caravan

Your new caravan costs tens of thousands of dollars – and sometimes even more. Ultimately, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect it? That’s the way I look at products such as Vantec. I have been aware of Vantec, which is essentially a protective […]

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