BAL Intros Independent Suspension with Dexter Torsion Axles

“We’re introducing an independent suspension system that goes on the BAL RV Products chassis,” said Joe Hosinski, VP of sales for the company. “It’s called the NXG Chassis from Norco Industries. What the independent suspension does for our customers is allow them to adjust the right height of the trailer for off road traveling.”

To do this, he said engineers created a bridge axle mount system that lifts the coach off the ground. It’s integrated with the Dexter stub torsion axles that provides the system independent suspension beyond its added ground clearance.

The center lift on the axle is customized for each OEM and is designed to each specification. “The one we’re showing here will lift the coach approximately 12 inches higher than the standard straight across axle,” Hosinski explained. “So, it’s an axle-less design with each wheel working independently, which is really important if you’re camping off road for ground clearance in rough terrain. There’s a whole segment in the camping industry called the overland category that the NXG is designed for.”

The new chassis will allow OEMs the freedom of designing products around the NXG Chassis to create coaches off-road ready like never before.

“This allows our customers to create a coach that they can travel out of the campground, off paved roads to the outback situations and not interfere the underside of the chassis of their frame for ground clearance,” he explained.

He pointed out that the NXG Chassis has a stamped rail design chassis. Yet it’s a lightweight chassis and found on a majority of the smaller trailers that many of the OEMs now offer.

The system operates with two distinct properties shown at the Supplier Show.

“We ‘re showing our 7.3 leveling system that is an automatic leveling system,” he said.  “Push one button and forget about it as it’ll actually lift the coach, level it, and set it into position. And so, the independent leveling system is offered by many OEMs as an option on their coaches.

“But the suspension itself is a system that includes coil over shocks and the torsion axles from Dexter that give that independent ride,” he continued. “So, each axle will travel independently and you get all the benefits of torsion axles while having a ground clearance that you need for off road use. It is preset at the OEM. The torsion axles are a rubber corded independent suspension. So there’s rubber cords inside each axle.”

MSRP is determined by the equipment and specs from each OEM.