Artsy Malibu Dream House, the Sandcastle, Hits the Real Estate Market

A well-known home on the Malibu coast, known as Sandcastle, is up for sale. Surfer and architect Harry Gesner built the six-bedroom home with 122 feet of beach in 1961. His family called the house home for decades, but after Gesner passed away last year, the home is now on the market. It’s currently for sale at a reduced price of $22.5 million. 


According to a press release from, Gesner built the home for his fourth wife, Nan Martin, a famous Broadway actress. The home is constructed almost entirely out of reclaimed wood. According to Gesner’s son, “The house was largely built with salvaged materials such as old telephone poles, maple from a high school gym, old-growth redwood harvested in the 1800s, and windows and doors from one of Hollywood’s silent film theaters.”

The home features spiral staircases, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and epic views. Gesner also built multiple apartments on the property, named “The Treehouse,” “The Nest,” and “The Boathouse,” which resemble their designs. 


The property gets its name from its unique shape that resembles a sandcastle. Gesner often pulled his inspiration from the beach and his passion for surfing.

Gesner also designed other popular California homes, such as The Wave House and Triangle House. The properties each have unique designs that have made them well-known in their areas. 


The Wave House, which singer Rod Stewart owned, also went up for sale this year. The Triangle House was for sale in 2020, and there is a miniature replica of the same house on the property.