AP the Angel’s Unique Approach to Black and White Photography

Tonight, he comes garbed in a custom Peels university-stripe workwear shirt, unbuttoned with a white tee underneath, that might also operate as a Brooklyn bowling uniform. AP has a semiotic process when it comes to photography, his art primarily consisting of black and white still expressions. His behind-the-scenes shot of A$AP Rocky for a Mercer+Prince campaign landed as a magazine cover that you can find postered on New York City subway walls and Chicago billboards. He’s worked with New York Magazine, GQ, Hidden NY, and many others. He uses the gravitational pull of his work to “enhance the chiaroscuro,” as he puts it. Where others might deem a scene vapid, AP finds himself moved by the phreatic anticipation of a scene, finding it in a portrait of Lady Gaga giving a “no requests” look while on the aux at Ray’s Bar, or a congested 5th Avenue. He wallows in the potential, and refers to time as his most reliable filter.

In the East Village, over an assortment of steamed vegetable dumplings, scallion pancakes, spring rolls, and fried rice, AP talks about intentionality when it comes to connecting with others, being authentic through art, how moments capture him, and more—partying with the Yakuza on a recent trip to Tokyo included.

Source: https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/ap-the-angel-photographer-interview