You Can Bring These Portable Sauna Tents On Your Next Adventure

Most Portable Infrared Sauna: MiHigh Infrared Sauna Blanket V2

  • Capacity: 1
  • Weight: NA
  • Dimensions: 71” long (maximum user height is 6’4”)
  • Heat source: Far Infrared
  • Price: $374

While it’s not a tent, MiHigh’s infrared sauna blanket is a great alternative to a full size sauna tent that provides all the benefits of a sauna with the healing effects of infrared light therapy for a much lower price. The sleeping bag-esque blanket comes with a remote control to provide users with the ability to adjust the time and inside infrared heat temperature. With a range of 95-167 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll get a good, cleansing sweat in a non-toxic, portable sauna that’s easy to clean and use wherever you go.

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How hot do sauna tents get?

Sauna tents can reach the same high temperatures as traditional saunas, which is anywhere from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.

How hot does a sauna have to be for health benefits?

In general, the heat of a sauna should be high enough to raise your body’s core temperature and encourage circulation to oxygenate the body. Every person has a different tolerance for the heat, but as a guide, a sauna can be as hot 113-200 degrees Fahrenheit for users to experience health benefits.

Do portable saunas work well?

A portable sauna works well insofar that it creates a peaceful space to relax in sustained, elevated dry or wet heat in the same way that a traditional sauna does, with the added benefit of a smaller footprint and temporary, portable design.

Are portable saunas any good?

Yes, a portable sauna can work just as well as a traditional sauna as an effective form of heat therapy in a transportable design that allows for more flexibility and a non-permanent structure at a lower price. Just remember to look for a quality portable sauna tent that is made from durable, non-toxic materials to avoid any health risks.

What are the maintenance requirements for sauna tents?

Sauna tents are constructed from a durable nylon material which requires wiping down the tent walls and floor, and ventilating it well after each use to prevent excess moisture from building up and turning to mildew or mold. Make sure to read the sauna tent’s manual for specific instructions.

How hot can a sauna blanket get?

Depending on the model, the temperature range of sauna blankets can range from 75-165 degrees Fahrenheit.