We Went Inside the All-Electric Pebble Flow at CES

First announced in October of last year, the all-electric Pebble Flow travel trailer just might be a look at the future of RVing. The high-tech towable features an eye-catching aerodynamic design unlike anything else at the campground. But more importantly, it’s packed with a surprising number of features and amenities that allow extended off-grid camping without sacrificing comfort or style.

Thanks to its spaceship-like aesthetic and futuristic specs, the Pebble Flow has garnered a lot of attention, both from within the RV industry and mainstream media. But until recently, only a few people outside of the fledgling startup company that designed the vehicle have actually seen the travel trailer in person. That all changed last week when it made an appearance at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Naturally, we were on hand to see if it lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert: it did.

Pebble Flow travel trailer

Photo Credit: Pebble

Sleek Inside and Out

It’s safe to say Pebble Flow’s sleek design is just as impressive in person as it is in photos and video. Even on the first day of CES, the vehicle drew a steady stream of onlookers lured in by the trailer’s beguiling good looks. The towable’s exterior is clean and efficient, with a shape built to cut through the wind with as little resistance as possible. So much so that the company claims the RV is 300% more aerodynamic than a standard travel trailer.

Still, we all know that towing a camper puts a hit on gas mileage and destroys the range of an EV. To help alleviate those challenges, buyers can elect to add an optional electric drive system that can propel the Flow down the road under its own power. This dramatically improves the performance of the tow vehicle, whether it has an internal combustion engine or not. And once at the campsite, owners can maneuver the towable into place using nothing more than an app on their phone.

Pebble Flow travel trailer

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

The travel trailer is no less impressive on the inside. It features an open floorplan and a minimalistic design that is clean and bright. Massive windows allow plenty of natural light in, while the dining area and kitchen—complete with induction stovetop, microwave, and residential fridge—offer plenty of room to gather. The bathroom sits inside a glass cube equipped with privacy glass that turns fully opaque at the touch of a switch.

The back of the trailer is a multifunctional area that serves as a lounge or workspace with room for two during the day and converts into a bedroom at night. A queen-size mattress hides behind a Murphy-style mechanism that pulls down as needed. The feature is both clever and functional, allowing owners to customize the space to meet their needs while still providing a very comfortable place to sleep.

Pebble Flow travel trailer

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Off-Grid Living

One of the Pebble Flow’s most intriguing features is its ability to camp off-grid for up to seven days at a time. It is capable of this thanks to a 1kW solar panel on the roof, which feeds electricity to a 45kWh battery pack. This allows owners to run all of the onboard appliances, lights, HVAC system, and other components without fear of running out of juice. Back home, the same solar/battery combo can connect to your house to provide backup power during an emergency. It can even recharge an EV in the field or share power with another RV.

That massive battery has the potential to make the Pebble Flow the ultimate boondocking RV, although its tires and suspension aren’t designed to wander too far off the road. Still, the trailer is perfect for those looking to get away from it all, with a cabin that is cozy and quiet. It even managed to keep the din of a busy CES show at bay, which is no small feat with 130,000 people in attendance.

The trailer itself is recharged using the aforementioned solar panels or by plugging into an EV charging station at home or on the road. The Flow supports Level 3 DC fast charging, which can replenish its batteries from zero to 80% in about an hour. It also comes with a regenerative braking system to feed kinetic energy back to the batteries while driving, which can extend the range of the optional electric drive or provide more power while at the campsite.

Pebble Flow travel trailer

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

A Great First Impression

While in Las Vegas for CES, we had the chance to tour the Pebble Flow and came away very impressed. The trailer looks fantastic on the outside, with a profile that is unique and modern. The large windows help to give it a distinct look and accent the sleek design and aerodynamic shape. Even the nose cone—which hides the ultra-quiet HVAC system—is built to enhance efficiency while being towed.

One of the Pebble Flow’s defining traits is its ability to further improve aerodynamics by lowering the roof while in transit. Once at the campsite, the trailer expands back to full height to accommodate its passengers. Unfortunately, the CES prototype was unable to demonstrate this functionality, but we’re told an updated model with that feature is coming soon. Other features—like the smart hitch and one-touch camping mode—also couldn’t be demonstrated on the show floor due to restrictions from CES organizers.

We absolutely loved the use of space inside the trailer, which features a floorplan that feels larger than it actually is. With an exterior length of 25 feet, the Pebble Flow isn’t the largest travel trailer on the road. But thanks to clever design, it provides plenty of room for four people to live and sleep comfortably. The expansive windows also help open up the interior, as does the glass-enclosed bathroom and high ceilings. The bedroom that converts to an office is simply the icing on the cake, offering two rooms for the price of one.

Pebble Flow travel trailer

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

An All-Electric Future

There are many reasons to be excited about what the Pebble Flow is bringing to the table. The all-electric travel trailer feels like the future of RV camping, with comfort and technology designed to make the entire experience safer, easier, and more relaxing. The company even markets the towable as something you can use at home, providing an office space for remote workers or a guest room for visitors.

We’re told that Pebble is refining the current prototype’s design, with a second iteration due by this spring. That model will offer more interior space and address a few technical issues ahead of full production. If all goes as planned, the first consumer models will start rolling off the assembly line late this year.

Pricing for the e-trailer starts at $109,000. Interested buyers can preorder a Pebble Flow now. For more details and information, visit the official website for the towable.

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