Watching a Police Officer Chase a Pig Is Oddly Funny

Law enforcement helped corner a pig on the run a couple of weeks ago in a town in northern California. The pig is surprisingly quick, and from the body-cam footage of a police officer, the humans are not going easy on it. The police officer chases the pig for a while before someone finally catches it.

The pig, named Pickles, is a pet that got loose in Sebastapol, California, reports ABC 7 News. Police told ABC 7 that Pickles was “exceptionally fast and strong.”

In the body-cam video, you can several people, including a police officer other than the one wearing the camera trying to chase Pickles down. The officer wearing the body cam gets really close to catching Pickles, but the pig changes directions too quickly for the officer. You can see the officer’s hands and arms pumping furiously as he runs.

The group chases Pickles for several blocks, according to ABC 7, before the final catch, which doesn’t actually make the video.

Watch what happens what a police officer chases Pickles the pig here:

DailyMail reports that Pickles is now home safe with his or her owner. What a weird day on the job for these police officers.

Have you seen a sillier police chase?