WATCH: Tourists Delighted By Dolphins Doing Backflips in the Wild

Sometimes whale watching is hit or miss. You might see something or you might not. Well, some passengers on a tour last month in Monterey Bay, California, were delighted when they not only saw some dolphins but some dolphins doing backflips in the water. 

“Oh, my god. This is so cool,” said the person behind the camera as a dolphin did its first flip and proceeded to say “Yipee!” each time after. While you’ll never be able to know what the animal is thinking or feeling, but it does seem like one of those rare moments where you feel like you can. 

According to the tour company, Discover Whale Watch, the March 1 tour contained a lot more than backflipping dolphins. Passengers got to see gray whales mating, orcas, and humpbacks.