WATCH: Emu’s Great Escape in Alabama (She’s Back Home Now) 

An emu, named Ezmarelda, embarked on an epic great escape outside her home this week in Calera, Alabama. She has fled her home twice since late December, and her latest attempt was recorded on video. The hilarious footage shows the emu prancing along the road as she makes a break for it. 

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A feathery fugitive, an emu named Ezmeralda, has been captured after being on the loose in the Calera, AL area. Sources say the emu most recently had a disagreement involving her sister, Ursula, resulting in Ezmeralda making a swift exit from her home. Ezmeralda is quite the escape artist. Her mom, Sue, says she escaped late December 2023 and was thankfully returned home before her second attempt at freedom. In case Ezmeralda flees the scene in the future, note that she is a flightless, soft-feathered, brown bird with yellowish brown eyes that may even be a bit of a drama queen. She has a long neck and legs. WBRC will see what Ezmeralda has to say for herself in an interview with her Thursday morning on Good Day Alabama at 8:30 a.m.

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According to her owner, Sue Sanford, she is quite the escape artist. The emu’s travels are well-documented on Sue’s Facebook page Ezmarelda The Emu’s Explorations

With her long neck, long legs, and feathery light brown body, this emu is full of character. Sue explained that Ezmarelda escaped after a disagreement with her sister, Ursula. Sue has also noticed that Ezmarelda is not alone in her quest for freedom. There are numerous adverts on Facebook for missing emus. “Looks like Ezmarelda is not the only one. Must be an emu thing,” Sue shared in the Facebook group. She has now returned safely home.

Emu. Image by Brett Sayles

Emus are flightless birds native to Australia, who can reach as tall as 6 ft 3 inches (1.9 m). They are sociable beings who love to be kept in pairs. If you have the appropriate space and land to roam, they can make great pets and lay large eggs. They can even deter other predators, making them popular pets on farms and ranches around the world.  

Ezmeralda is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame this week on local TV channels, including Good Day Alabama.