WATCH: Crab Gets Revenge on Surfer in the Most Hilarious Way

Surfer/artist Sean Ruttkay was visiting one of Seaview Crab Company’s locations in North Carolina when he had a run in with a blue crab that wasn’t pleased with its new life situation. Let’s just say the crab got revenge.

In a hilarious video posted to Instagram, Ruttkey appears to be ordering some seafood from the counter when points to a crab but gets a little too close. It immediately grabs onto his finger.

Ruttkey and the person behind the counter both have priceless expressions on their faces as the crab bites Ruttkey’s finger, then flies through the air after Ruttkey flicks it off, hitting his back on the way down. It’s all over in a second, and it’s funny enough to make you want to watch several times.

“Our friend @edasurf took one for the team by reminding us all how feisty these blue crabs are when fresh off the water! Not only his finger but also a sneak attack to the back!” Seaview Crab Company wrote in its Instagram post.

Watch a crab get revenge here:

Ruttkay is a surfer and artist who lives in Wilmington, South Carolina. He creates unique, three-dimensional surf art via EDA Surf. Check out his work here.