WATCH: Bobcat vs. Deer—We Did Not See This Coming

Trail cam videos can be so entertaining. This one of a bobcat vs. deer showdown in Florida is no exception. While I’m not sure what I personally expected to see as this bobcat waited, ready to pounce, and a deer stood on alert just a few feet away, it was not this.

In the YouTube video by 386 FL Productions, a bobcat enters the camera’s field of vision and stops, gets into pounce position with its ears back, and waits. Meanwhile, a deer appears from the left, senses something, and also stops. The deer doesn’t appear to see the bobcat, but it’s on high alert, evidenced by its ears, which keep twitching back and forth.

They sit there for a few seconds before the moment of truth. Can you guess what happens when a bobcat pounces on a deer many times its own size?

Here it is, bobcat vs. deer:

[embedded content]

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