Want to Work at a National Park? Here’s Where to Find One of the 800 Jobs in Yellowstone

National parks are a massive operation, and some have hundreds of employees working to keep the parks running. This is good news if you want to work at a national park. And there’s no better time to apply then now.

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Yellowstone National Park recently announced several openings for both full-time and seasonal positions. The park is one of the largest in the country and employs a total of 780 people. That’s almost 800 people in a single park.

If you think that’s just Park Rangers, you would be wrong. The jobs include “forestry technician, biological science technician, engineering equipment operator, custodial worker, maintenance worker, and more.”

Around the entire National Park Service, you can find an opening to match any resume that’s needed to work at a national park. Most of the openings can be found on USAJobs.gov

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Source: https://outdoors.com/want-to-work-at-a-national-park-heres-where-to-find-one-of-the-800-jobs-in-yellowstone/