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I have a bone to pick with TVs. Their empty black rectangles loom over living rooms with temptation. Turn me on and mindlessly flip through channels, they whisper to passersby.

Portable projectors don’t whisper. They’re much more intentional, hiding in the background until they’re needed to transform a blank wall into a giant display.

I spent many hours evaluating them as an alternative to watch the World Cup. Now, I’m anti-TV, pro-projector—specifically, pro-portable projector. I share my top picks below.

Until recently, projectors came with a lot of fuss. There were costly bulb replacements, complex wall mounts and streaming media accessories to consider. High-end living room projectors can also cost up to $5,000. They might have better picture quality than portable models, but those smaller projectors come with many benefits that make them good options for many people.

You can now get a decent portable model for under $1,000. Newer models come with long-lasting LED lamps and smart TV software, and can run off their own batteries for a couple of hours before charging up again. They’re space-saving and light enough to take almost anywhere, no generators or extension cords needed.

While I was testing devices for this column, one of my review units went missing. I found it in the bedroom, where my husband had set it up to watch the Tour de France while folding laundry.

For this column, I tested four portable projectors:

  • Xgimi’s Halo+ ($849)
  • BenQ’s GS50 ($799)
  • Anker’s Nebula Capsule 3 Laser ($794)
  • Samsung’s Freestyle ($800)

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/wall-street-journal-ranks-best-projector-for-camping-trips/