Video: Josh Winters Corrects Himself in Industry Update – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

From Josh “The RV Nerd” Winters of Bish;’s RV: I’ve never claimed to be perfect. So when I make a mistake I do my best to own it and practice a “Buck stops here” policy. In my recent February RV Industry Update video I shared information regarding RV brands that were being retired. While mostly accurate, it seems I did have several errors I want to correct. My goal is NEVER to hurt anyone or share bad info.

I did my best to verify everything but it seems I still ended up with a few errors:

• CARDINAL/WILDCAT: The entire brand is not being retired. The (Red) and (One) series of Cardinals and Wildcats respectively are phasing out but the Cardinal and Wildcat brands are remaining

• BIG COUNTRY: Not being retired at all. Apparently I had received completely incorrect info on this initially though I’m told there may have initially been some evidence to suggest “nothing was off the table and everything was being considered.” Regardless – Big Country is alive and well.

• FOREST RIVER 90-DAY WARRANTY: Though 2yr old new-in-stock Forest River RVs PREVIOUSLY received only a 90-day warranty period I’ve since discovered this is no longer the case. They now maintain their full warranty starting at their in-service/purchase date!

I hope you appreciate the fact I’m willing to fall on my face in front you like this and understand my goal is always to put the best info out possible. If you ever share one of my videos, then PLEASE share this one so we can get the correct info out there!