video: Airline Pilot Turns a Scissor-Lift Truck into an RV

We’ve seen some unique RV conversions over the years, with vehicles like school buses, delivery vans, and even airplanes getting converted into tiny homes on wheels. But the video above just might be the most unusual yet, as it documents the process of turning a scissor-lift truck into a motorhome that provides lofted views of any campsite.

The RV belongs to a Southwest Airlines pilot named Mark, who bought it at auction for $3,300 during the pandemic. At that time, Mark found himself furloughed from his job and with unexpected time on his hands. In the video, he says that he always thought it would be fun to own a scissor-lift truck, which he saw on a daily basis at the airport. When one came up for auction, he was able to buy it, making that unusual dream come true.

scissor-truck tiny home

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

Mark spent the next seven months remodeling the truck, which in its former life was used by Southwest to restock food, beverages, ice, and other supplies to its aircraft. As a former fighter pilot, he gave the vehicle an aviation-themed makeover, including a gray paint job, faux rivets, and decals of pinup girls. He even added his Air Force call sign—“Spanky”—to the doors.

The vehicle rides on a 2000 Ford 650 Super Duty platform with a 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, which gives it plenty of torque to tow the pilot’s Toyota Tacoma dinghy vehicle. The cargo box is 14 feet long and about nine feet tall, providing plenty of interior living space. Mark added solar panels for power, fresh and gray water tanks, 30/50-amp shore power, and a water reclamation system complete with ultraviolet lights for purification.

Inside, Mark built a kitchen with a kerosene-based stove, an espresso machine, a sink, and a lot of magnetic storage for his pots, pans, and utensils. He added a nautical refrigerator and freezer, a 6000 BTU air conditioning unit, and a lofted bed with a queen-size mattress. An iPad mounted next to the bed allows him to stream videos and stay connected to the internet, while a digital projector serves as his larger entertainment system, making movie nights with friends more enjoyable.

scissor-truck tiny home

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

The truck’s built-in scissor jack can raise the cargo box up to 17 feet in the air, giving Mark unique vantage points from his campsite. His tiny home—which he calls “the Snack Pack”—also has an outdoor patio that is great for entertaining guests, relaxing after a long day, or stargazing at night.

The YouTube clip above provides many more details about this unique vehicle, including taking us inside to look at the living space. Mark shares tips and tricks on how he built his dream RV and what it’s like to live in it full-time. To say he has crafted a fun and quirky motorhome would be an understatement, as his tiny home certainly stands out at the campground.

Thanks to the YouTube channel Tiny House Giant Journey for sharing.

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