UViaLite Sanitizes RV Waste Tanks Without Using Chemicals

UViaLite harnesses the cleaning power of ultraviolet light from the sun and can generate purified air for your entire trip. From fifth wheels to class A motor coaches UViaLite means no more masking odors that leach from waste holding tanks into the cabin. And no more dumping harmful chemicals  into the ground.

UViaLite is the safe way to protect families from harmful germs, like Coronavirus, that become airborne and travel into the RV’s cabin and even through the septic system roof vents, potentially contaminating areas well beyond the camp site.

If you are serious about achieving your sustainability goals, UViaLite’s low cost, efficient installation and ultra-low maintenance, make it the right choice for today’s environmentally conscious RVers.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/uvialite-sanitizes-rv-waste-tanks-without-using-chemicals/