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From Europe comes a one-piece fiberglass truck camper brimming with European design inside and out. For anyone who has wished that a European-style camper would make it to our shores, that day has arrived, according to a report by Gordon White of

In our 17-year history, we have never seen a foreign manufacturer import truck campers into the United States and aim for broad distribution through domestic RV dealers. This is a potentially huge play by a relatively new company looking to open up the United States for truck camper imports. And that’s just Hotomobil USA’s business model.

One glance at Hotomobil’s truck campers and there can be no doubt about their European origins. For decades we have only been able to see European truck camper brands such as Tischer, Nordstar, and Bivak from afar and marvel at their European styling, appliances, and build approaches. With Hotomobil, this foreign approach to truck camper design and execution is making its way to our shores.

As interesting as the Hotomobil truck campers might be, our first order of business was to talk to the leadership behind Hotomobil USA and learn how their campers are being imported, distributed, and sold. From our conversations with US and Canadian manufacturers who distribute campers overseas, the export and import process is no simple matter. We also wanted to know more about Hotomobil’s origins and Hotomobil USA’s vision for the US market.

For more information about Hotomobil and how this new-to-America brand is moving forward, we talked to Ned Tosyali, President of Hotomobil USA.

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