Tiffin Adds SumoSprings as Standard to the Midas Class B+


CARPINTERIA, Calif – Tiffin is no stranger to building the best of the best. That was proven again recently with their new Ford Transit 350HD all-wheel-drive RV – the Midas. SuperSprings International is now the official suspension partner on this new Class-B+ motorhome, according a press release from Super=Springs.

For almost a decade, SSI has supported Tiffin with various RV builds. From the Allegro Class A gas motorhome to the Wayfarer Class C, SuperSprings International has been a go-to when it comes to suspension. All Tiffin Midas Class B+ motorhomes will come with front and rear SumoSprings suspension fitted as standard equipment before leaving the plant in Winfield, AL.

Speaking about the decision, Freddie Swinney, National Sales Manager for the Tiffin group stated, “We’re excited to keep delivering leading quality RVs to the market. To do that, we’re passionate about every part of the experience, including the journey. By adding SumoSprings as standard, we’re making sure the customer’s journey is as good as at it can be and partnering with a company that believes in the same.”

Adding a fit it and forget it suspension solution is in line with the approach of Tiffin – customer first, always. The Midas is packed full of adventure, with a 4kW Onan Gas Generator, a powered patio awning, an outside shower, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity with LTE. Adding SumoSprings ensures the customer can enjoy a heavy RV with the support of lifetime warrantied suspension that requires no lines, doesn’t leak, and won’t ever need maintenance.

Adam Weisner, SuperSprings International’s President commented on the addition stating, “partnering with top tier brands like Tiffin Motorhomes is in our DNA here at SuperSprings International. Their dedication to the customer experience through quality, care, and service is legendary. Our passion is to innovate suspension that works – Tiffin was one of the earliest to see what we had when Bob experienced driving a unit with our suspension on it. Our partnership has grown tremendously since then, and we’re proud to be standard equipment on their new Midas.”

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/tiffin-adds-sumosprings-as-standard-to-the-midas-class-b/