This Sleek New Cold Plunge Is Also a Hot Tub

As for those still not on the cold plunge bandwagon? Michael Garrett is doubling down on the mental benefits. “For skeptics, it’s not physical recovery. It’s the mental high. It’s the neuro cocktail they call it—it’s dopamine, endorphins, norepinephrine, the metabolism boost. The cold shock response is very real. I mean it’s how humans survived in like Europe 20,000 years ago, right? Our bodies have this mechanism that helps us survive that we just hack by having this beautiful plunge, every day.

The Plunge All-In is now available from Plunge for $8,990. With the “Cold & Hot” upgrade selling for $$9,590. Save yourself $250 off an All-In setup with code “FMALLIN250” 🙂

$8,990 at Plunge

FAQ aka Pro Tips from Plunge Co-Founder Michael Garrett

What is the best temperature and plunge duration for first timers and beginners?

“We recommend like 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit to start. Anything sub 60 degrees will do the trick. And then one minute to 90 seconds is kind of the minimum viable dose.

“After you last this long, a lot of people are able to push through to the two or three minutes because the first minute is just way harder. Once that metabolism gets going you kind of settle in and then you can break through to the three minute mark.”

Personal tips for getting over the shock, finding focus, and learning how to cold plunge like a pro?

“A little bit of movement before helps—just do some squats, do some pushups, get the blood flowing. That can help. But really, it’s just mental. You just have to jump in. I think if you get in slower, it’s much harder.

“My routine, I do 30 really intentional breaths and then I get in the plunge, dunk my head, get my hands in, get everything wet immediately, and then just start focusing on my breathing.

“Deep breaths, long exhales—this calms the body. And if you feel tension in your muscles, you want to just try to physically release it with focus. So it’s kind of a body scan for the muscles and then just follow your breath and that’s kind of it.”